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01 APRIL 2001


1 Jon Coles M21 MV 340 0   360
2 Ian Ditchfield* M45 MV 310 10 10 310
3 Nigel Bush* M45 MV 280 0 10 290
4 Mike Elliott* M50 MV 380 110 10 280
5 Mike Perry M55 TVOC 300 30   270
6 H & A Walker M45/14 MV 290 30   260
7 David Fisher* M45 MV 350 100 10 260
8 Jim Prowting M55 MV 280 30   250
9 Mark Cheesman M21 MV 240 0   240
10 Michael White M60 MV 180 40   140
11 Pamela Crisp W50 MV 130 0 (4.45 early) 130
12 Maurice Dunnett M55 MV 130 0 (4.16 early) 130
13 Alexis Crisp W21 MV 130 0 (4.15 early) 130
14 Jack Blake M75 MV 120 40   80
15 Roy Whitehead M70 MV 150 160   -10

Planners comments (Geoff Newton)

Jon Coles ran a very well judged 'race', but this was really a moral victory for Ian as he got a rogue map with 4 controls missing. Nigel may have also had a map with a wrong or missing control. In a serious competition, the course would have been voided..........

The four hardy souls who thrashed out to control 40 were rewarded with a misleading clue which allegedly cost them 5 minutes each looking for Mole Close when they should have been looking for Mole Court. There was only one road within the circle, however. I gave them 10 pts extra * and bought them a beer as some compensation.

Two people found a small yellow 100 dog notice near the big red 500 one, which was control 23 at the Dog Gate. If you saw both the wording should have made it clear that it was the red one that counted but I allowed both in case you overlooked the big notice.

Jim wrote the vicar's name instead of the curate's name at 12, and at 26 instead of taking the Harriers phone number from the big banner he took a phone number from the small gymnastics club notice pinned to the notice board. I took pity on him as he had clearly been to the controls.

Roy walked all the way from Sutton before taking part, which may have had something to do with his high penalty score.

I can recommend planning a street score event. I can guarantee you will find out things you never knew about your locality in the process. However it did seem that whenever I set out looking for clues the rain would come down, my fingers would freeze rigid, and the pen would not write So much had to be done on memory, until I took to using a cave survey notebook with waterproof pages. Fortunately the weather was OK on the day.

The maximum possible score was 500, but only a really top class athlete stood any chance at all of getting that. However every control received a visit from at least one person. I was a bit worried that there was only one obvious route and it would develop into a procession, (which didn't happen), or that the navigation was too simple (adrenalin excess stopped that).

Thank you all for coming.



Mole Valley Orienteering Club

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