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18 AUGUST 2000

The Mole Valley Summer Series got off to a running start with a dozen Moles braving the weather forecast and searching the streets of Guildford.  A demanding 53 controls in 60 minutes forced everyone to make early route choice decisions about which areas to leave out but the weather remained dry and all twelve returned within the time limit.  Mark Rowe’s final sprint to beat the hour, by a second, paid dividends as he pipped Mike Elliot and Nick Green.  Club Captain, Ian Ditchfield, bent the rules and used his last two minutes to guess at the answers to some of the control questions!  The talk in the pub was about how Guildford’s streets compared to the tussocks of the Welsh 6-day, and special thanks were offered to Julianna and Roy Grant who avoided comments on the new four colour map of Guildford and ingenious questions by spending the summer in Hungary.  If anyone wants to try this event themselves then contact Tony Burton for a map (50p) and control descriptions/questions list.

Tony Burton


Mark Rowe 28 controls
Mike Elliot             27
Nick Green             27
Ian Ditchfield 25
Nigel Bush            25
Jon Moore 22
David Fisher 20
Simon & Cynthia Ling 18
Simon Rowlett 17
Pamela Crisp 16
Stella Hellier 11
Jack Blake              9

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