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20 AUGUST 2000

Planner’s comments

The picnic event was fun to plan and I hope fun to take part in. I probably could have had smaller loops on each of my 6 master maps (perhaps fewer controls, or controls closer together), but the idea of using a large number of master maps was a good one – people did not have to huddle for access to a map at the start, went of in plenty of different directions, and saw few other runners while ‘out there’. Not a bad achievement for a small area.

It was said in the competition rules that the handicapping system was shrouded in mystery. Well, in fact I have to admit that it was based on the system used for Frolics (thanks Philip Gristwood for passing that on to me). The penalty for lateness was all my own, and tough. With controls only worth 1 point each and 2 points lost for every minute late back. It was the downfall of some of those lower in the results.

This was the first picnic event for which there was a trophy. The idea is that it will be awarded every year. Cynthia Ling, the current holder, will have to keep it polished ready to hand over next year! The second and third place winners, Pamela Crisp and Pat Nelson can keep their rosettes for ever, and Cynthia can hang on to hers as a memento too.

Final thanks to those that helped collect controls after the event.

Sandra Vogel

The results……..

25 Cynthia Ling
24 Pamela Crisp
22 Pat Nelson
22 Michael Turner*
21 Margaret Stedman
21 Maurice Dunnett
20 Stella Hellier
19 Cyd Bush
18 Graham Gristwood
17 Tony Burton
17 Martine Buckle
16 Feltham Family
16  Simon Ling
16 Keith Masson
15 Mark Cheesman
15  Ian Ditchfield
15 Nigel Bush
10 Mark Rowe
10 Jack Blake
10 Philip Gristwood
7 David Fisher
6 John Smewing
4 George Engelhardt
2 Chris Buckle

* 1 mispunch, hence just mised out on third place rosette

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