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Pre-event information:
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Organiser’s Comments - Deborah Sulivan:-

All controls were in place at 8.30am. Two controls (243 & 227) were reported stolen at 11am. These controls were then replaced. Unfortunately this affected a large number of people as these controls were common to 7 of the 11 courses. Under the circumstances it was necessary to consider the option of voiding each of the affected courses as this was a level B event. No formal complaints or protests were received but the matter was discussed by the jury and other experienced orienteers. In the interest of attempting to be fair to all competitors and having meaningful results it has been decided to remove the leg times either side of the affected controls. On the Light Green both 243 and 227 were used and this has resulted in removing 4 leg times.

Controller’s Comments - Charlie Turner:-

It is always disappointing when things don't go to plan because somebody has removed a control, despite the kite being marked with an advisory notice stating that permission has been obtained for its placement and that there is a competition in progress. I support Deborah's decision to not void the affected courses and from feedback I had there was complete agreement that there should be common sense when interpreting the rules. It was very fortunate that the stolen controls did not affect the Yellow or Orange courses.

The Organiser, Planner and Mapper all worked hard to make this event possible and collectively everything came together on the day. Tony must be complimented on his planning skill in getting the Black course to meet the British Orienteering rule which requires the Black course for a Middle Distance race to have a winning time of 30 to 35 minutes, if run by an elite orienteer. Having your course tested by an elite runner in the SE is very rare and for this event Ralph Street of the British Squad ran and had a winning time of 30.58. All the other courses were planned on the standard pro rata basis. In case you have wondered why many of the courses had an uphill finish this is because the nearby track in the valley is a public bridleway and it was necessary to mitigate any possibility of conflict between horses/mountain bikers and runners sprinting to the Finish.


[Updated 13 February 2019]


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