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Flyer v2 issue date 5 Jan 2014

Final details issue date 17 Feb 2014


Controller's comments
I hope you all enjoyed your run over Pippingford. From the many comments I received afterwards, Ianís courses were really appreciated. Most of the longer courses had considerable variety of leg length including one long leg over 1.5km. It seems that once you had opened the map up enough to see where the end of the leg was, you liked the variety of the terrain it crossed and it kept your concentration throughout. There were favourable comments on Mike Elliotís map too and with controls placed by Ian to be reasonably visible, rather than hidden for example in small pits, virtually all errors at controls I heard about were attributed to the orienteer. This suggests that the fairness box was ticked.

You will all have appreciated that there were a lot of controls out in the forest, many not on your course seeking to tempt you off your chosen route to visit them only to be disappointed. Indeed, with 166 controls used for the two events, 130 of which featured during the Day event, my task as Controller seemed rather daunting at first. It was only made possible with the considerable help from Katy Stubbs and team who Controlled the British Nights event. For the final pre-event check, we divided the controls by area rather than event and I am particularly grateful for her contribution. Katy also alerted me to the opportunity to create a control checking course using Purple Pen for my visit on Saturday. In glorious sunshine, I set off with 3 cleared dibbers for control 1 of 82 to be visited that afternoon. Imagine how long a loose control description sheet would have been. There were deer everywhere, from the first leg to the very last one. If any were the same animal, they would have completed the whole of the Green course, and probably done well in the results!

Mike Boltonís team worked tremendously hard to ensure all ran smoothly on the day. It should not be underestimated what a challenge it is to run a Night and Day event together, using different Assembly areas, but somehow the team kept on going until the relief showed after the last competitor had returned.

As you can perhaps tell from the above, it was both a pleasure and a privilege to be able to control this event and get many exposures to such a great area for orienteering.

Andrew Evans, DFOK




Mole Valley Orienteering Club

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