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26 NOVEMBER 2011

Results with split times

Results without split times (these include medal winners)

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Pre-event information 


Planner's comments

Many years ago I tried a couple of night events. I can remember having difficulty just following the paths. So when I started planning the courses for St Leonards I simplified them to make an allowance for the dark. However, Vince advised me that they should be planned to TD5. This is difficult to achieve on an area like St Leonards due to the large number of paths. I really needed to set legs across the paths but much of the forest was covered with bracken and/or brashings and avoiding the worst bits limited the areas that I could use. Although some path running was unavoidable I did find some areas where I could set legs that rewarded good navigation on the ‘straight line’ route. I hope you enjoyed them.

Planning the event took up about 7 days of my time but it had its rewards. Planning the courses was good fun and I spent some lovely days wondering and running around the forest. Setting up and running the event was very enjoyable despite that challenges that resulted from the loss of the car park. I also appreciated your feedback which was very positive.

Collecting in the controls on the Saturday night was a test of nerves. Everyone had left and the pathetic light from my small torch didn’t penetrate very far through the blackness that surrounded me. I kept hearing odd noises and started humming a little tune to settle myself but I had to stop when I realised it was “Phantom of the Opera”. Then I discovered that one of the controls had gone; then another. I was not alone! As I approached car park I could see the lights of another car. Police? Thieves? The Phantom? No, it turned out to be Mike. He had gone out to collect the tapes leading back from the finish only to find I had already done it. When he tried to retrace his steps he couldn’t find the path and end up completely lost. Without a map or a compass the only way he could find his way back was to keep heading up to the highest point where he knew there was a forest track that he could follow back to the car park. That turned out to be a 2 km hike!

I would like to thank the Forestry Commission for allowing us to use St Leonards. Also the Moles who helped on the night and cope admirably well with the loss of the car park. Finally, a big ‘thank you’ to Vince for all of his advice, which resulted in much better courses.

Mark Feltham

Controller's Comments

Mark’s first draft courses were technically a bit easy so on my advice he made some adjustments and came up with an excellent set of courses which would test the best night orienteers in the South East and it is a shame the turnout was so low.

The winning time on each course was about where we expected it to be and most people seemed to enjoy their courses so a good job, well done Mark.

Vince Joyce


Organiser's Comments

Apologies for the Car Park on the night. The gate beside Registration/Download car was scheduled to be open and the car park behind the Church used. By the time it became apparent that the key-holder would not be arriving it was too late to move everything to the Forestry Commission's Roosthole Car Park.

Thanks to Tom, Jon, Peter and Keith for helping on the night and to the competitors for braving the appalling temperatures of +10C, the dry conditions and the clear skies (all the conditions expected at the end of November!!).

The results list the SE Nights medal winners (you should note that these differ from the list displayed at Hankley on Sunday), and the medals will be with me at Puttenham (4th December), Ightam (11th December) and Ranmore (18th December).


Mike Elliot






Mole Valley Orienteering Club

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