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8 MAY 2011

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Colour standard times
    Yellow 46:00    Orange 85:00    Green 63:15

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Planner's Comments
When I planned the courses for the event there was not a single stick of bracken spoiling excellent visibility, hence I thought that I would make the Orange course a little different by using a series of short legs in the western side of the map using control sites which were a bit more technicalthan usual, but with plenty of catching features. Mother Nature slightly fouled this approach up by suddenly allowing the vegetation to grow to M12 proportions, but I am glad to see that everybody on that course triumphed over this adversity, and I hope that you enjoyed the opportunity of hunting the odd control in the jungle!

One apology; the site for control 215 (16 on Orange and 4 on Green) was moved and was not exactly as mapped as the woodland was not really "white" as the holly had introduced a tinge of green which had escaped my eye for some reason, and many thanks to Jon for putting me right and moving the control to a more prominent position. Otherwise the elderly map was rather more "roughly right" than "precisely wrong" and is certainly showing its age
with many features having changed. I was not tempted to re-map as I fear that that is not a skill I possess, and if any changes I made turned out to be right it would be more from luck than anything else. I hope that the additional challenge just made the day more interesting!

It was great to see a number of new faces, especially of the younger variety, and I do hope that this event has whetted your appetite to come along next time; I accompanied Jack and his partner on part of their Orange course, and it was a real treat to see how they sometimes chose to take the difficult route in to a control and found it first time. I wish I could do that.......

Until next time, and of course many thanks to the Moles who helped through the day.

Chris McDonald

Organiser's Comments
Well, the sun shone for much of the day and most of the newcomers to the sport seemed to have a good time. Of the 40 competitors who ran, more than half were not members of an orienteering club, with most orienteering for the first time. Some of the times recorded were pretty impressive; especially the Fleming family who had a storming win on the yellow course.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who turned up to help on the day. This may be one of our low key events and holding it in conjunction with the Surrey Hills Race does reduce my workload as organiser; but it doesn't reduce what needs to be done on the day. The feedback from the competitors was that they enjoyed the courses that Chris planned with many of the newcomers looking forward to future events.

Tom Murphy


Mole Valley Orienteering Club

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