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4 JUNE 2011

Full event results
The first three listed on the score course results departed from the start without receiving the full rules on scoring, and as a result their times are quicker than would have been expected. As there were no trophies on the line their results have not been separated out.

Pre-event information: flyer

We hope you enjoyed the Try Orienteering event in Morden Hall Park.

If you would like to try some more orienteering, then you might like to know we have several events suitable for beginners in Nonsuch Park, Cheam over the coming months on 10 July, 11 September, 24 September, 8 October and 22 October. Details will appear on our home page shortly, or you can email with any questions.

If you'd like to give us any feedback about trying orienteering, we would love to hear that too!


Mole Valley Orienteering Club

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