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16 JANUARY 2011

Please can Team Captains ONLY make any comments to the Controller (Mike Elliot)

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Organiser's Report
First of all I should like to apologise to all those who were unable to enter the event for their chosen course because they missed the event closing date on the 8th January or because we were unable to offer entry on the day for the harder courses.

Polesden Lacey is a busy place on most Sundays and naturally neither Mole Valley OC nor the National Trust wished to impede the general publicís visits to this popular property. We had available the ability to park 250 cars plus one coach at Polesden.
Pre entries to this event substantially exceeded expectations. One third of the pre entries were received in the last 28 hours before the closing date.

We had alternative car parking available on Ranmore but this was in many ways unsatisfactory. It was clear that the availability of maps for entry on the day was going to be very limited. I therefore opted to concentrate this limited availability onto the light green, orange and yellow courses so that we could look after the juniors and the novices and not encourage others to make long journeys for very limited map availability.

The situation regarding entry on the day was clearly advertised on the Mole Valley website and the event final details advised event entrants to check the MV website before travel.

In addition we asked you to share cars where possible. You responded to this appeal and I am very grateful to all those who shared cars. Many thanks. So with your help we were able to fit all cars into Polesden Lacey and did not need the overflow car parks.

There were few incidents on the day. Some horses did not like the tape to the start nor runners running past them but nobody was injured and a formal complaint was not made. So far as I am aware there were no serious injuries. We completed our safety check at 4.00pm and had the tape cleaned up by 4.45pm.

Many thanks to all the event helpers, many of whom worked from dawn to dusk. They did a great job. Many thanks to Mike Elliot who agreed to control the event after 25 South East controllers had declined.

Many thanks to all those who came to the event. Hope you enjoyed your day.

And many thanks to the National Trust at Polesden Lacey, the National Trust wardens and staff on Ranmore and to Denbies Vineyard for allowing us the use of their properties.

One moan. It seems unsatisfactory that BOF only advise event organisers on the 16th December 2010 of the clubs that are allocated to their heat and the anticipated entry for each club. Event organisers cannot work miracles. Parking areas are not easy to find in this area of heavy clay and winter waterlogged fields.

Michael White, MV 


Planner's Report
For those of you with long orienteering memories Ranmore Common combines
superb open runnable beech woods with challenging contours and a plethora
of mega-depressions. This disappeared with the Great Storm in 1987 and it
could be 30 years or more before we can enjoy Ranmore at its best again.
In the meantime the holly, yew, contours and low visibility offer a
different challenge to both mapper and competitor. We were pleased to see
courses being won in and around the expected times but the spread of times
and post race comments indicate that many of you found things tough. The
courses were planned to be as hard as possible but the mixed runnability
made one or two sites less than ideal and relocation tricky.

My thanks to Michael White for tackling every twist in the organisation
with his usual good humour, to Mike Elliot who burnt the oil at both ends
on the mapping and controlling and to all those Moles who helped with
boxes and control collection over and above their other duties on the day.

Tony Burton, MV



Mole Valley Orienteering Club

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