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18 DECEMBER 2011

Results with split times

Results without split times

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Colour standard times
    Brown 87.23    Blue 75.57    Green  69.16
Light Green 72.35
Orange 65.53     Yellow 23.33

Pre-event information:
Final details

A pair of grey woolen Thinsulate gloves found near the field entrance
A blue woolen hat (November Classic 2007 40th) left at the clothing dump. contact pgristwood AT btinternet DOT com to claim.


South East Super Veterans winners
This is the second year this trophy has been awarded. Congratulations to the winners
1 Teresa Turner SLOW
1 Mark Glaisher SAX
2 Mike Murray SLOW
3 Peter Martin SAX

South East Veterans winners
Please check out the Mole Roll to see previous winners

1 Julia Jarvis SO
2 Linda Pakuls GO
3 Christine Jepson SO
1 Frank Edge SN
2 Simon Thraves SO
3 Nigel Bush MV

Families Competition
Please check out the Mole Roll to see previous winners

1 Jarvis
2 Herbert / Dallman
3 Masson
4 Richardson / Bloor
5 Collins


Planner's Report

The main objective for me was to try to rehabilitate Ranmore’s reputation after January’s CompassSport Cup event –surely it doesn’t really deserve a mention in the Nopesport thread “101 maps not to run on before you die”?! 

I therefore tried to concentrate on the better bits of forest (i.e. the white parts of the map) and control sites that offered a fair navigational challenge.  My intention was to combine fine navigation with some opportunities for route choice, although the north-south path network and blocks of walk/fight don’t lend themselves to this.  The runnability did in fact improve markedly as autumn progressed and I hope you were as pleasantly surprised as I was. 

My thanks go to Charlie Turner for taking the event on and for all his help and advice, in particular on interpreting the map in several key areas, and to all those Moles who helped in putting out and collecting in controls, always a challenge with the limited daylight. 

Nick Green, MV

Organiser's Report

With memories of most MV events having pouring rain we were fortunate to have a fine mostly sunny day, albeit very cold with a bit of frost in the morning. There was even a little snow out in the woods, but the forecast rain did not come until everything was packed away and we were bound for home at about 4pm.

I managed to get out for a run and was pleased that Nick had managed to get most of my course in the best bits. I hardly noticed any holly until 3/4 of the way round, and even after that is was not a problem. I think the woods were the best that I can remember them.

Apart from one competitor being a little late back things seemed to run pretty smoothly. Perhaps our worst problem was when the general public started to come into "our" car parking field via the exit, partly directed by NT staff. Unfortunately their parking was somewhat haphazard so apologies if anybody was boxed in for a while. Another more amusing problem was when we had to push an AA rescue van out of the parking field.

The NT were very pleased to have us and are keen to have us back again. Thanks to them for their hospitality at Polesden Lacey and allowing us to use Ranmore Common.

Thanks also to the Mole team of volunteers who made everything happen, also John Brown of SN who was our Safety Officer and Charlie Turner (SLOW) who controlled at quite short notice.

Philip Gristwood, MV

Controller's Report

Ranmore with its five parallel valleys and generally thick vegetation is a physically challenging area.  Trying to map vegetation for its runnability is more than often going to be subjective and in an area like Ranmore, it is best to use other mapped features for accurate map reading.  Nick made the best out of the area and I had very little impact on his courses.  People were mainly positive about their courses and some even said they had had near perfect runs, albeit with the climb, vegetation and sticky clay it was tough and rough.

I only got to the event car park well after the last competitor had left for home and from all accounts I gathered that Philip had well organised the Moles to make sure things ran smoothly. 

Charlie Turner, SLOW


Mole Valley Orienteering Club

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