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21 AUGUST 2011

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Planner's Report

This event was originally scheduled for the spring but had to be postponed because of building and landscaping works in the school at Gatton Park. Many of you will have seen that some building is still going on, but the current works seem to cause less concern to the authorities.

I wondered whether we would get many customers for an August event, but in fact entries were higher than at either of the two previous SE Middle-Distance Championships (I haven't looked back any further), which were held at more conventional times of year. Traditionally, serious orienteering in the south-east has taken a break for August, but this shows that there is still a demand for good quality competition even at the height of the holiday season.

I tried to plan proper middle-distance courses, keeping your brains busy and denying you the chance to switch off on long path runs. I couldn't completely avoid the path runs, and in particular they formed a higher proportion of the Green than I would have liked. Nevertheless, many of you were kind enough to say how much you appreciated the courses.

The timing of this event was not ideal for me to plan, since I was away for all but five days of the three weeks leading up to the event. With the school still changing, I would like to thank Mike Elliot not just for continually updating the map, but also updating the courses and sending them to the printers while I was away. I would also like to thank Mike Murray for his laid-back controlling, and tolerance of continually missed deadlines.

Other thanks are due to Keith Masson and his team of volunteers, everybody who collected controls, the National Trust, the Gatton Trust, and everybody who came and ran. I hope you enjoyed your first visit to this area as much as I enjoyed planning on it.

Ian Ditchfield

Organiser's Report

Many thanks to everyone who came to the event; hope you enjoyed your run and the event.

A big thank you to everyone involved in the planning of the event from: The Royal Alexandra and Albert School; St. Bedes School; The National Trust and the Gatton Trust and to Mike Elliot, Ian Ditchfield and Mike Murray for the map; planning and controlling.

Thank you to all our volunteers who helped on the day, including Ruth Rhodes from SO.

The event seemed to run fairly smoothly, much helped by the lovely weather. The 2 starts, far apart, and a marshaled road crossing stretched our available volunteers, but I think we got away with it! The car park seemed to fill up very quickly, partly due to a lot more EODs’ than expected – thank you to Maro (St. Bedes Caretaker) for allowing us to overflow into the Church Service car park!
Some confusion was caused by me putting up the sign warning of the problems with SI dibber versions 8 and 9; bit I think it was better to do this than have more competitors returning from the start with dibbers that didn’t work! – I think only one person had to do this.

Apologies to SEOA for not checking the medal situation as regards the Middle Distance Champs. – hope you enjoyed getting all your medals!

Keith Masson



Mole Valley Orienteering Club

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