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14 NOVEMBER 2010

Results with split times

Results without split times

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Colour standard times
    Brown 72:20     Blue 65:04    Green 45:18
Light Green 53:31
Orange 48:50    Yellow 55:12    White 43:08

Pre-event information: details


South East Super Veterans winners
This is the first year this trophy has been awarded. Congratulations to the winners
1 Ruth Rhodes SO
2 Frances Goldingay HH
3 Bridget Hooper SO
1 Peter Martin SAX
2 John Chappell MDDXO
3 Colin Webster HH

South East Veterans winners
Please check out the Mole Roll to see previous winners

1 Dorte Torpe Hansen SLOW
2 Chris Jepson SO
3 Sarah Louse Francis SN
1 Alan Velecky SO
2 Phil Marsland SLOW
3 Peter Chapman SO

Families Competition
Please check out the Mole Roll to see previous winners

1 Errington family
2 Clive Allen/Sue Bett family
3 Kinnon family


Planner's Report

Thanks to all those who took part over the weekend and made it all worthwhile.

For the night event Sheepleas on its own provided a compact runnable area and two laps were needed to get a Navy course of around 6km. The Olive was also planned as the night variant of the Green course and was thus as difficult as I could reasonably make it; the results suggest it was on the hard side and with hindsight I would pitch it closer to Light Green in standard. One pair gave us some anxious moments when they went off the map and detoured via East Horsley and the A246.

Sundayís courses were only finalised quite late on because of the uncertainty over securing suitable parking and I hope that the planning didnít suffer too much as a result. It did mean almost all of the night-O controls were re-used and perhaps some control placements were better for one event than the other.

I had initially hoped to use Oldlands, the area east of the Dorking Road, but some access issues and severe undergrowth led me to discard the idea. This limited the longer courses to a circuit of Dick Focks Common (Effingham Woods), where the brambles and brashings make for hard-going and the rhododendrons seem to get thicker year by year. Without being unduly repetitive on Sheepleas the Brown course was on the short side, although a sub-50 minute winning time is a fine performance. At the other end of the scale the multitude of paths on Sheepleas resulted in the White course being more difficult than it should have been.

My thanks go to Philip Gristwood for taking on the controllerís role for both events at short notice and doing a very thorough job in the limited time available, to Ted McDonald in particular for negotiating the parking arrangements that allowed us to put Sundayís event on, and to all those Moles who helped put out and collect in the controls.

We were slightly over-subscribed on the Blue and Green courses so thanks also go to all those who allowed their maps to be recycled. We have some details of people who requested a replacement map; if you would like to be added to the list please email us by the end of the week at (replacing ĎATí with @).

Nick Green, MV

Organiser's Report

We expected small numbers of devotees for the Night event and therefore this required only minimal organisation and four helpers apart from officials.

For the Sunday event parking was the main issue. Fields near Sheepleas were not an option as local landowners said their land is far too slippery when wet. Bussing had been used for an earlier National Event but was considered too expensive for this smaller Regional Event.

We were able to go ahead only due to the willingness of several businesses in East Horsley but on the day this worked very well. We are very grateful to the owners of the St Martinís Business Centre, the Nomad Theatre, The De Vere Conference Centre, and the Ramada Hotel for parking permissions, and to The Duke of Wellington pub and the Total petrol station for use of their toilets. In gratitude we have made donations to their elected charities including Pancreatic Cancer, Oxfam, Variety Club and the British Legion Poppy Appeal.

Many thanks to MV helpers for turning out in force and to all runners for coming along and making it so worthwhile.

Ted McDonald, MV

Controller's Report

I was asked to take on controlling the day and night events at very short notice when the club had found it impossible to find an outside controller despite asking 28 people. There is clearly a demand for some more people to train as controllers, and it is quite an enjoyable task as you get out into the woods when there is no-one else there, and can pick a time when it is not raining.

Due to the very short timescale, and the fact I was already controlling another event the following week, it was difficult to give as much input as I would have hoped. Nevertheless checking was done very thoroughly despite there being many controls spread over a wide area, and I was unaware of any complaints. I apologise for delaying starts a little on Sunday but there were 2 failed control units which we managed to get replaced before you went out.

Except as Nick has mentioned the course lengths seemed to be about right. The very fast winning times on the Blue and Green courses were due to people competing in prescribed courses for the various competitions, who would normally have run on longer courses.

Thanks to Ted for doing a great job finding sufficient car parking near registration and to Nick for planning a range of courses which most people seemed to enjoy, and of course to all of the Mole helpers who were involved at the 2 events. It was just a pity that it started raining as the first people started.

Philip Gristwood, MV


Mole Valley Orienteering Club

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