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16 MAY 2010

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Colour standard times
    White 16:33   Yellow 45:34   Orange 47:12
Short Green 43.30  Green 64:37

Pre-event information: flyer


Planner/Organiser's Report
In theory, this was an easy event for me to deal with. The Nower is just five minutes walk from my house, and I spent a few enjoyable hours wandering around looking at potential control sites and trying to relate the paths and vegetation to the map.

Organising should be a doddle, as SLOW do most of the work while arranging their linked Surrey Hill Race. Unfortunately, due to a family crisis, I struggled to find the little time that was required. I am therefore particularly grateful to Ted McDonald for finding the helpers even though he could not be present on the day, and to all those helpers for working out what to do without much input from me.

The combination of the long cold winter and the event being a fortnight earlier than usual meant that bracken was still down, and The Nower was much more runnable than it normally is for this event. It wasn't quite as good as I had hoped though, as nettles have shot up in the past week, and the brambles never went really went flat in the first place.

The map is showing its age. I made some corrections to the path network, but people have pointed out further alterations, and I made no effort to update the vegetation. I hope this not detract too much from your enjoyment.

Many people commented what a nice area The Nower is. Too small for a full-scale classic-distance event of course, but maybe it is just big enough for a Middle-Distance event; it certainly meets the technical standard required.

Ian Ditchfield, MV

Mole Valley Orienteering Club

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