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21 MARCH 2010

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Officials Reports: Organiser, Controller, Planner

Pre-event information: flyer, final details


Planner's Report
This event was our second on the same area in three months (following the Families and Veterans competition last December). The addition of the Spanish Score element was designed to add a twist both for those making a repeat visit to the area and those who'd not been here for a while. I'm sorry that it was not possible to extend it beyond the Green, Blue and Brown (TD5) courses.

Comments received on the day were extremely positive both with regard to the classic line event and the Spanish score parts of the courses. I can assure you that it is very reassuring for a planner to receive positive feedback on the day! I'd be very interested to hear any feedback people might have after having time to reflect on the format. Did the Spanish score element add interest? Was it a welcome additional challenge? Did you find the change of map scale jarring/fun/irritating? All comments and constructive criticism to the planner via, please. 

I'd like to thank Philip Winn for keeping everything under control as organiser, and the Moles who turned out early on Sunday morning to help hang controls and those who stayed late after the event to help collect controls. Your help was invaluable. Thanks also to Vince, a light handed and constructive controller who must, by now, know St Leonards and every possible control site it offers like the back of his hand!

Sandra Vogel, MV

Organiser's Report
Most of my time as organiser in the weeks leading up to the event concerned getting the vague ideas for parking formalised. My failure to succeed in firming up the first plans caused grief in the last weeks and required finding two replacement parking venues. Thanks are due to Coolhurst Estate and the Land Agents for Sunoak Farm for their prompt cooperation.

The parking distracted me from the preparation for the event so many thanks to the MV team helpers who went into automatic mode to make everything function with only the barest of instruction.

The weather also helped on the day - sorry about the clay/mud mixture on the paths to the start.

Philip Winn, MVOC


Controller's Report
Sandra decided to try something different to make this event more interesting and judging by your comments the addition of a mini score event in the middle of your ordinary course was a success. Most of you seemed to cope well with both the change to a score event and the change of scale.

Vince Joyce, SO


Mole Valley Orienteering Club

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