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18 JANUARY 2009

NB: Results with split times, Winsplits, Splitsbrowser and Routegadget do not take account of the voiding of control 218. No further results will be issued.

Final results without split times

Provisional results without split times

Results with split times

Winsplits        Splitsbrowser


Colour standard times
Black 115:24    Brown 96:33    Short Brown 79:26
Blue 75:06    Short Blue 76:53
Green 65:12    Short Green 74:51    Light Green 86:14
Long Orange 134:12    Orange 55:00    Yellow 37:59    White 40:00

String course results

Pre-event information 
Final Details
Final Course Details including length and climb


Lost Property: An orienteer left a carrier bag containing O shoes and other running kit at the event. It was by their car when they drove off. No kit was handed in to the event officials. Did any orienteer pick it up by mistake? We would love to reunite it with its true owner.

Found property: Several compasses and a hat were handed in on the day. Contact the organiser and be prepared to describe the item if you think one is yours.

Please contact the Organiser: Philip Winn 01883 742648.

A note from the Organiser

I would like to record thanks to:

Robert Lines of Southdowns for supplying the maps and then answering my many queries on how to run the string course,

Juliet & India Nicolson for running the string course on the day - a special effort considering that they are not orienteers.

Philip Winn, MVOC


A note from the Planner

Two “problems” arose on the day, one of which was totally unexpected whilst the second had, I thought, been sorted out well beforehand.

The second of these “problems” requires, for all those competitors involved, a full explanation, so here goes:

In December the Training area authority told me to avoid the area in the vicinity of one of the troop shelters (F). This was easy, but knowing there were another units on area I contacted the Authority but hit the Christmas break. On their return in January I was informed that the unit was Tonbridge School Combined Cadet Force (CCF) and to ensure that there would be no conflict of use contacted the Officer Commanding the unit after their Christmas break (January 7).

I found out where they would be, on the Middle Bridge, and explained where we would be. He had no problems with orienteers crossing the bridge that all the courses in that area had been planned to cross. (The stream/river in that area, as many now know, is fast and deep even without the previous night's rain swelling it by 2 or 3 feet.) In order to ensure de-confliction with the CCF unit an out-of-bounds screen was added to the course overprint, and in the cool light of day on the computer screen and on the ink-jet proofs it appears obvious to me that the road is useable. With hindsight I should have put an edge next to the road or a crossing point to make it more obvious.

On the Sunday morning, after all the controls were out and checked, I went to the area the CCF unit were training in and had a conversation with the Officer Commanding them, explaining where the competitors would be coming from and he again said there would be no problems with orienteers crossing the bridge (I even gave him timings of between 10:30 and 1:30 so that he knew it would be an extended period). I do not now why the CCF Cadets were stopping runners from using the bridge, as at no time was it suggested that this would happen.

As a result of the problems encountered by some, the leg from control 218 has been removed from the final results. The ranking data will be submitted using the final results and the allocation of the badge time has also been done on the final results.

Now the for the strange but true problem concerning control 217:

10 months ago an unknown control collector for the JK dropped control 213 in the woods about 100 metres from where it had been collected. On Sunday Charlie Turner (SLOW) found it about 25 metres from control 217. Neither the planner nor the controller had seen it in a total of 5 visits, probably because we were never looking for a control. After Charlie had found it a large number of other competitors also found it, some saw it was the wrong code and continued on to the correct one, some saw it was the wrong code and thought it to be a planner's error (after all why should there be 2 controls on the same feature) and punched it and some just punched it because the code was 21?. (Some never saw it at all). As all competitors visiting 217/213 punched at at least one of the controls no one has been disqualified for not punching 217. The split times for 217 have been adjusted as the rogue controls timer was about 2 minutes different from the real control's timer.

(It should be noted that the battery on SportIdent BSF8 units will last at least 10 months in the forest and survive at least 6 consecutive days below freezing, but by then the kite will be covered in moss and lichen).

Now the thankyous:

To all those who came and ran and seemed to enjoy it, and especially those who thanked the officials.

To Nick Green who helped put out controls on Saturday and all those Moles who hung around as it got colder and then went out to collect controls on the Sunday.

To Mike Murray for controlling

Mike Elliot, MVOC


Draft accounts

Pre-entries (less charges) £2276
EOD plus car parking £1000

Total income   

Land use £1380
Levy (BOF) £533
Levy (SEOA) £186
Toilets £138
Maps £300
Organiser's expenses
(including string course)
Planner's expenses £80
Controller's expenses £40
Misc equipment costs £21

Total expenses   

Provisional surplus: £428  
Number of starters 356 of which 58 were Juniors (i.e. M/W20 or younger)


Mole Valley Orienteering Club

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