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28 DECEMBER 2009

Results with split times

Results without split times

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Colour standard times
Black 1:41:31    Brown 1:53:06    Blue 1:21:20
Green 1:11:05    Short Green 1:34:52    Light Green 1:15:02
Long Orange 1:13:47
Orange 55:56    Yellow 35:54    White 41:41

Officials Reports: Organiser, Controller, Planner

Lost Property:
One purple sweater, brand Westbury at C & A, small size
Please claim by emailing the organiser at This email address will only function for a few weeks

Pre-event information: flyer


South East Veterans winners
Please check out the Mole Roll to see previous winners
1 Julia Jarvis SO
2 Sarah Howes SAX
3 Christine Kiddier GO
1 Nigel Bush MV
2 Charlie Turner SLOW
3 Steve Jarvis SO

Families Competition
Please check out the Mole Roll to see previous winners

  Family name Club
1 Brown (Nicholas, William, Alan, Margaret) SLOW
2 Jarvis (Thomas, Nick, Julia, Steve) SO
3 Blackford (Katie, Emily, Jane, Craig) BADO


Planner's Report
Most of the taping took place in the rain where tracks, paths and rides bore a remarkable resemblance to the streams and rivers. Some of the final checking involved a trudge through the snow to remove a couple of spare tapes in order to avoid competitor confusion. The event saw sunshine, albeit a bit frosty, and relatively dry conditions underfoot.

Apologies for the late arrival of the loose control descriptions at registration.

As Vince has commented, the area around 227 had been chewed up by recent forestry work and although there was a note at the start it can be difficult to remember these things after 60-90 minutes of physical and mental effort. I frequently fail to remember similar notes until after making a mistake, finishing and in later analysis thinking "isn't that where the map correction was - oh that explains everything!" Although I should have extended the extraction ride/track further east I don't believe it would have assisted most runners.

In the planning of the technical courses I tried to offer a mix of route choice and technical navigation. If you think that your course offered little route choice then you may want to view some of the routes already on the Routegadget page (and add your own). I think there may be some that neither Vince nor I anticipated.

Mike Elliot, MV


Organiser's Report
Getting someone as disorganised as me to organise anything is always a bit dicey, especially when I have an overseas holiday shortly before the event. However Moles and others rallied round, and largely sorted out what needed doing without me telling them. Many thanks to them all.

Having an indoor event centre with a hard-standing car park is a great advantage, both simplifying the organisation and providing a better service. Although it looked for a while as if the heating, and with it the promise of hot showers, was going to be unavailable, fortunately the gas man had it sorted before anyone finished.

The downside of good facilities is often a long walk to the start. On this occasion, the combination of my desire to keep you off the sloping bendy bit of road and the need for a safe stream crossing without going deep into the forest produced a route which was in places 'interesting'. I nearly gave up and sent you all the way along the road; just as well I persevered as water running over the road froze overnight, and cars were sliding around - walking the road between the finish and the start would have been seriously dangerous.

Thanks to everyone who came, and look forwards to seeing you again at our Regional event on 17th January - please enter by 10th January if possible.

Ian Ditchfield, MVOC


Controller's Report
I had several pleasant visits to St Leonards, one of which was in 4-inches of snow, however this was replaced on the day by the more familiar mud and the going was pretty tough in places. Mike's courses were designed to test both your navigational skills and also your endurance, especially on the Black and Brown courses.

The comments at the finish were mostly favourable, but one control which caused problems was 227, marsh, eastern edge, the last control on all of the technically difficult courses. There was some recent forestry work in this area (which Mike had warned you of), but also what appeared to be other marshy areas possibly due to the wet conditions which helped confuse tired runners.

I thought that the car park and rugby club facilities were excellent and as advertised Mole Valley produced a 'quality' event. Well done to Mike and Ian and all the helpers.

Vince Joyce, SO


Mole Valley Orienteering Club

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