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5 APRIL 2009


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Officials' Reports:   Planner   Organiser   Controller 

Colour standard times
Black 158:00      Brown 115:00      Blue 74:30     
Green 68:00      Light Green 70:00
Red 66:47      Orange 69:20      Yellow 32:34      White 30:00

Pre-event information 

Final details

Planner's Report
This event was a long time in the making. It is over a decade since some of the area has been used and it took a Lottery Grant and some development funds from British Orienteering, West Sussex County Council and our own club resources to revitalise things.

This has stitched together four areas and two permanent courses and seven landowners so you can look forward to some more entertainment among the thickets in the future!

The courses were planned to use the best bits of Holmwood and to give the longer courses some exposure to St Leonards. Our apologies to a few competitors on the Brown who discovered the paintballers had drifted further south than expected.

Thanks for all the complements about the area and courses (National Event standards for some, grotty green bits for others). And for the constructive criticisms. I'd really like to hear any comments you would like to make. Please email me: Tony AT (replace the AT with '@')

We look forward to welcoming you to St Leonards Forest on the weekend before Christmas.

Tony Burton


Controller's report

Tony’s aim was originally to have a long-O using the Owl Beech part of the map but due to access problems he settled for a black as the longest course. Judging by the comments of the finishers his efforts were appreciated by those that opted for the black and brown courses as well as all of the other regular courses. Some people would have preferred a short brown as the there was nothing in between Blue at 6.5k and Brown at 10k.

We had to move several controls and the finish a few weeks before the event due to the clash with the Paintball Games, however the agreed boundary of the paintball seemed to change on the day and I apologise to those competitors whose run was slightly interrupted around control 182. Thankfully nobody returned with any paint on them.

Thanks to Tony, Bill and all the Mole Valley helpers for an excellent event.

Vince Joyce

Organiser's report
I could not have wished for a better day for my first attempt at organising an event. Good weather makes everything so much easier. By and large everything went smoothly, apart from occasional attacks by paintballers and marauding geese!

We were very well provided for by the owner of much of the land, Harry Calvert. With a good field for parking and a large open shed for the event centre, which meant we didn't not have to bring a tent or generator.

The long distance to the start and finish were a bit of an inconvenience but did not seem to worry the punters too much. My thanks to Tony and Vince for designing such a variety of good courses and for getting the controls out in good time so that we could start a touch on the early side.

One problem was revealed, not for the first time, in that it was very difficult for the helpers on the second shift to get a run in and back in time. Several people carried on beyond the changeover time, without a run, and my particular thanks to them.

Alltogether it was a very successful day, we got 231 entries although only 22 were juniors which is a bit light. Perhaps if they had known about the Easter eggs in advance we might have attracted more.

Bill Alexander
Mole Valley


Mole Valley Orienteering Club

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