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6 JANUARY 2008

Results without split times

Results with split times

Badge times
Brown  111:00  Blue  95:12  Green 84:30 
Light Green 73:10   Red  66:00
Orange  56:00  Yellow  35:00 
White  all competitors

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Pre-event information 


Organiser's Report

This event was put on at short notice at a busy time so I am very grateful to many people for making my life relatively easy. Particular thanks go to Bob Warnock, Paul, Bin, Lizzie and Anita of the Corporation of London Ashtead Common team, and to Val Smith and Stewart Cocker of Epsom Council.  Thanks also to Southern Railway for the use of the car park and to Ashtead Station Taxis who allowed some of you the use of their toilets!   Last but not least thank you to all the willing Mole volunteers who put up their hands to help and did a great job on the day

I hope everybody who competed had a good time – at least the weather was kind even if the brambles and mud weren’t!

Simon Ling (MV)

Planner's Report

Most people seemed to enjoy the courses, if not the undergrowth (overgrowth). The relatively mild winter led to the continued growth of the grasses and hence the deer and rabbits have had plenty to eat without resorting to the relatively unpalatable brambles. No really hard frost and no snow means that the bracken hasn't even gone down properly.

The Brown and Blue courses were planned to provide that little extra after the holiday season, and were, as a result, a bit longer than normal. The follow on from that was a slightly longer Green.

As for the 'long' legs on the Brown and Blue. The northern route around Newton Wood was (on the straight line) shorter for both courses, but by the time the final approaches are taken into account there was little difference. The southern route, in both cases gave better/faster running through the forest towards the controls.

The second 'long' leg through/across the Wells was best done along the straightest line, as per the displays on RouteGadget picking up the roads and footpaths. The next best choice was to go to the south of the Wells parallel to the railway line.

Mike Elliot (MV)

Controller's Report

Despite the short notice the club managed to put on a pretty good event, and even managed to arrange some good weather.

Mike managed to fit in some pretty challenging courses considering the extensive path network and areas of vegetation.

With the heavy going the longer courses were a little on the long side, but seem to have been enjoyed by most people.

Philip Gristwood (MV)


Mole Valley Orienteering Club

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