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8 JUNE 2007


Well done to everyone who came along to Oaks Park. We hope you had a good time and that you might think about doing some more orienteering.

You should have gone away with a leaflet about some events we are running in September and October with newcomers in mind.

If you would like to contact us to ask more about these events, or if you don't have the leaflet to get one from us, or to find out if there is anything coming up sooner that you could come along to please click here. We have an event on 26 June in the evening at the Hogsmill Open Space. We would love to see you again soon!

Some notes on the results

We've added your names to the results where we had this information.

The schools that were with us in the morning had some problems with the results they took away. These are now fixed.

If you had control 215 on your course you may find out that your split times are still not right. We are sorry for that problem, but the rest of your times are all OK.

If the results show 'mp' then you did not get all the controls in the right order. But you still scored a point for your school!

Results by school. These results show the schools in alphabetical order.

Results by course. These results show the times for each course, with the fastest team listed first.

Split times. These results show the times taken between each control. The times in blue are the fastest for each 'leg' - which means the fastest between two controls.




Mole Valley Orienteering Club

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