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19 AUGUST 2007

Flier and rules

Results with splits
Results without splits
NB these results are NOT the final finishing order. They just show your overall times, controls punched and split times. The full handicap-adjusted results will be added shortly.

Notes on the splits and non splits results:

If you visited control No 224 your splits printout will show the code 225. The splits results have been corrected to show it as 224.

The time allocated to the score event was set to 70 minutes, but remember that any controls punched after 60 minutes are not counted by Ian's fiendish scoring system.

Planner's Report
Traditionally the Mole Picnic event has pioneered innovative scoring systems in an effort to give everyone a chance of winning.

Snooker-O was invented by a Hungarian, Abel Hegedus, and I heard of the concept from  Hungarian ex-Mole Julianna Grant. The idea was to cram a score event into a small area by preventing people from choosing the shortest route linking all the controls. I wondered whether alternating 'red' and 'colour' controls would be too complex under the strain of competition, but you mostly seemed to have coped, with only one pair ending their 'break' prematurely by potting two consecutive colours.

I extended the concept to make a handicap system by giving the 'colours' different point values for different people. Having different points for different people complicated producing the results. These were calculated in a hurry while some of you were still waiting for the prize-giving, so are quite probably wrong. If you spot an error and are bothered about it, let me know.

One definition of the winner of a handicap event is that it is the person for whom the handicapper has made the biggest error. This is a little unfair however, the handicapper may provide the opportunity, but a good performance is still required to grasp it. So congratulations to George on a hard-earned victory.

I hope you all enjoyed the event, and the extra mental challenge. The weather was kind to you if not me, the rain stopping just as I finished control hanging.

Thank you all for coming, and particularly those of you who helped,


1 George Engelhardt 61
2 Mark Cheesman 58
3 Keith Masson 53
4 Tony Burton 51
5 Graham Sutton 50
6 Katy Stubbs 49
7 Pat Nelson 48
8 Nicky Masson 47
9= Mike Elliot 45
9= Dave Stubbs 45
11 Dave Bull 43
12 Margaret Stedman 40
13 Mike Frizzell 39
15 Shona Masson 26
15 Sandra Vogel 32
16= Jessica Weston 26
16= Danielle Sheridan 26
16= Jackie Olive 26
19= Alistair Masson 25
19= Penny Bull 25
19= Eliane Crawford 25
19= Roy Whitehead 25
23 Richard Crawford 24

All prizes were awarded by event planner Ian Ditchfield

George Engelhardt clinches first place in the senior competition. Moley is excited at the prospect of a new mantelpiece   The young Massons take first and second places in the Junior competition


Mark Cheesman grabs the Jaffa Cakes in celebration of his second place win

Keith Masson ensures a family one-two-three taking third place   Tony Burton consoles himself on a fourth place spot by taking home some chocolate biscuits as his prize
  Graham Sutton was fifth and seems to have come away with the largest prize of all  



Mole Valley Orienteering Club

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