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1 APRIL 2007


Results without split times

Results with split times

Badge times
Brown  108.23  Blue  92.00  Green  80.00
Light Green  91.42  Red  106.17
Orange  62.00  Yellow  36.06  White  All

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Officials' Reports:  Planner   Organiser   Controller

Lost Property
Two items of clothing were left at the start. If they are yours please send a description to the Organiser at (replace 'AT' with '@')

Pre-event information 
Final Details (PDF document)

NB Those intending to come to this event by train on the Victoria via Clapham Junction, Sutton, Epsom and Dorking line should note that engineering works mean there is a BUS from Sutton to Box Hill


Planner's Report
My apologies to the very early starters on Brown and Blue for getting control stakes 247 and 248 mixed up. Thanks to those who returned to the start to alert the start team.

Courses Brown, Blue and Green seem to have been a bit too tough for the average competitor, although winning times were nearly OK. As always it depends on who turns up and which course they decide to do!

The Light Green looks like it was too hard, and in retrospect leg 2-3 probably was.

The Orange might also have been too much on the technical side (legs 4-5 and 6-7) but at least they only had one big climb.

Yellow and White appear to have been about right, although a more challenging control near the end of the Yellow did catch a few out!

The map used is over 4 years old and this was evident in many places as vegetation has grown up and trees have fallen making some of the area even greener!

I hope everyone managed to enjoy at least part of their run in the good weather.

Thanks to those who helped put out and collected controls.

Keith Masson, MV

Organiser's Report

Many thanks to the very hard working band of Moles who gave up their time on Sunday to make sure everything ran more or less to plan. There was one slight hiccup when a sudden gust of wind unexpectedly exposed the computer team as the download tent took off and ended up in a nearby tree. Normal service was resumed remarkably quickly and the tent appears unscathed. My thanks to Peter Creasey of the National Trust for giving us permission to use this beautiful area. I hope you all enjoyed Keith’s challenging courses and I am sure that your legs will recover soon. 

If you left two items of clothing at the start and would like them back please contact me at (substitute @ for AT) or tel: 01737 212446

Jackie Olive, MV


Controller's Report
Apologies to those affected by the transposed controls, 2 of the last 6 to be put out. I was distracted from the task of checking them with problems on the computer side and by the time I had sorted the computers Keith had fixed the controls. I broke one of the rules of controlling: don't get drawn into doing anything else in the organisation as it will distract you from the more important task of controlling.


Mike Elliot, MV


Mole Valley Orienteering Club

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