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18 NOVEMBER 2006


Results without split times

Results with split times

Winsplits     Splitsbrowser

SENiLe web site

Pre-event information: Flyer

A note from the computing team
The split times have now been corrected to take into account the fact that the BSF7 controls were still running on BST. There were 2 controls (211 and 226 on the Navy only) that were running GMT time together with the Start and Finish controls. The splits printouts were, as a result, not easy to interpret.

Control number 8 on the Navy course got bored and went for a walk. It subsequently returned but being tired after its exertions decided to lie down in the bushes until some kind soul helped it back to the correct place. Whilst the control was out on its walk 4 competitors spent a while looking for it. As one of these was the SENiLe scorer I believe that an adjustment will be made to the times and hence the SENiLe scores (probably removing the time from 7 to 8 and 8 to 9 for ALL competitors on the Navy course). There has been no adjustment made on the published results.

Thanks to all for coming.

Mole Valley Orienteering Club

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