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29 MAY 2006


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Results of Surrey Hill Race
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Officials' Reports:   Planner   Organiser  

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Planner's Report
I hope you all enjoyed the courses, with the hill, the bracken and the nettles which are special features of the Nower! The worst bit of weather was saved for the control collectors who were battered by a fierce hailstorm, so a special thank you to them (and of course to the placers earlier in the day). Thank you also to Philip Gristwood for printing the maps for us at short notice and to Mike Elliot for dealing with the computer stuff before and on the day.

I shouldn't really have been planning this at all. I think I an be regarded as quite experienced as a planner and this area is ideal for a first try, but the club was simply unable to find a 'volunteer'. As I happened to have the OCAD map with some courses from a previous event it was a relatively simple matter to check them out, tape them and finalise the courses for the day - all in about ten days. Why is it that so few members are availble to organise and plan events? it is enjoyable and gives a lot of pleasure to those who take part in the event, and without officials no events would take place at all.

I hope there are a few members out there who will consider stepping forward for some of the low key events later this year. Give it a go - I should be very happy to help and advise if asked.

Simon Ling (Mole Valley)


Organisers' Report

Coming soon

Neil Lewer (Mole Valley)



Mole Valley Orienteering Club

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