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23 JULY 2006

These computer-generated results show Frolic-only and Frolic-plus-Extension as separate classes. A combined class showing all Frolic runners, irrespective of whether they went on to the Extension, has been manually added to the ¨results without split times¨ page.

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Results with split times

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Officials' Reports:   Planner   Organiser

This event was part of a wider series of Frolics events put on by different clubs. Details of other events and cumulative results for the series may be found on the LOK web site.  


Planner's Report

It’s holiday time. Many Moles were to be away orienteering in exotic places. I found myself doing the early stages of the organisation as well, until Ted McDonald thankfully stepped into the breach and I also had to find a last minute replacement cartographer in Ian Ditchfield. A Controller did not materialise but Philip Gristwood did an armchair job on the courses and made many useful suggestions.

Philip was not to know the undergrowth was going ballistic. I had to spend a fair amount of time reinstating key paths, but I didn’t really appreciate how unpleasant the West part of the new part of the map had become. So comments on the Frolics courses were generally favourable apart from the legs in that area. These bits are very pleasant and interesting in the winter. Honest! At least the hay meadows were cut a couple of days before the event which made life less physical on some parts of the courses albeit at the price of obscuring some paths. If we had used master maps we could have made course changes right up to the last minute. To cap it all I cracked a metatarsal a few days before the event, so putting out the controls took me a bit longer than expected.

The start team took it upon themselves, for good reasons I am sure, to relocate the start some distance from the start flag. However they may not always have made sure you were aware that the triangle on the map was at that flag 60m along the track. I hope this did not cause anyone problems on the 1st control.

It would have been easy to plan a good Yellow course in the southern part of the map with start and finish close to the car park. Unfortunately the Frolics course would then also have been mostly of yellow standard with lots of dead running. The Yellow course provided was tougher than the norm, but in the absence of an orange course we would tend to err on this side. All the controls were on or very close to paths, with the exception of one on the side of a large pond in the open which was 60m away from large tracks, but there was more route choice on some legs than is usual for Yellow. Although times were on the long side there were no more retired or missed punches than is usual on Yellow.
Geoff Newton (Mole Valley)


Organiser's Report

The gates to our parking field were still securely chained a good half hour after the promised opening time and I was very relieved to see the white ranger truck arrive soon after, thanks to mobile phone pleas. After that everything seemed to run smoothly and several of you said you’d enjoyed your runs despite the seasonal undergrowth. Many thanks for coming along in such good numbers to run Geoff’s courses on his new map extension.

No organiser could cope without willing and flexible help from club volunteers and I am most grateful to the team that did such a great job at Horton and to Geoff for his overall guidance in addition to his Planning role.

Ted McDonald (Mole Valley)



Mole Valley Orienteering Club

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