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30 MAY 2005

Planner's report   Organisers' report  Controller's report

Surrey Hill Race results without split times 
Surrey Hill Race results with split times
Winsplits    Splitsbrowser

NB: The Hill Race times have been adjusted to take account of the later than scheduled starts. This is approximately 2 and a bit minutes for each race (the 'bit' is the few variable seconds different for each race).

District Event results without split times
District Event results with split times
Winsplits     Splitsbrowser

Colour Coded Standard times
Yellow : 44:00   Orange: 45:00   Green: 71:00 


Plannerís report

I hope everyone enjoyed my courses, I know I had a good time communing with nature on my visits to The Nower; preparing, planning and poking around a bit.

On the day it did rain but then it does save you from having a bath when you get home!

Mark Cheesman, Mole Valley

Organiser's report

Thank you all for coming on what seemingly promised to be a good day weatherwise, but suddenly turned just as the early starters were due out.  It certainly caught out some of the Mole helpers too! Fortunately we still have 2 frame tents to provide shelter that are in serviceable condition, following their recent pole & canvas swapping adventures at the World Cup competition!

I was disappointed at the turnout, just 56 competitors, down on the previous year by 16%.  Given the costs associated with the school hire it brings into question the viability of the event, especially if BOF were to go ahead with their latest proposal of raising the event levy to £2.00 per senior competitor, juniors £0.60 and replacing the current initial £50 rebate!! See Quite how clubs are then expected to put on small events like this to bring new blood into the sport I have no idea! What do you feel - would this spell the beginning of the end for the sport in this country?

I'd like to thank the band of enthusiastic Mole helpers who were very efficient and required the minimum of input from myself.

Mark Rowe, Mole Valley

Controller's report

The Nower is a good place to plan and control an event because its small size enables everything to be done in the minimum possible time.  It also offers plenty of options for the planner.  The problem is that almost any course has to have several loops to reach the required length and competitors find themselves climbing the same hill two or three times! 

Markís first attempt at planning was thorough and meticulous and produced three interesting courses.  The placing of one or two controls produced some comment but I donít think anything was unacceptable in the context of a low key event. We are only sorry that the weather and the holiday weekend meant a fairly small number of entrants.  We hope you all enjoyed your morning. 

 Simon Ling, Mole Valley


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