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Results with split times

Results without split times

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Colour standard times coming soon
Brown 86:20    Blue 65:27    Green 67:33
Light Green 57:36    Orange 54:24    Yellow 37:38 

South East Veterans winners
1 Jackie Chapman SLOW 45:02
2 Chris Jepson SO 50:16
3 Kate Thomas SLOW 52:11
1 Mike Murray SLOW 42:22
2 Peter Chapman SO 43:32
3 Vince Joyce SO 44:23

Families Competition

The results of this are arrived at by accumulating the percentage of each participantís time relative to the par time for their course, so the lowest total wins. There were two entrants this year and the results were as follows:

Chapman/Hooper (SO)  333.76

Andrews (CROC)          369.93

Planner's Report

Planning an orienteering event, like life, is about compromises.  Because I have no motorised transport, the area I could manage was limited, so Colley Hill was out.  I had also wanted to minimise the need for runs across the large open area towards the north of the map.  But the fact that this was a December event, with uncertain weather, suggested the need for start and finish to be close to the parking and the pavilion.  The terrain itself is also patchy: densely intricate earth features in parts, surrounded by wide, fast expanses, with many fewer usable features.  I hope the compromises worked.  There didnít seem to be too many critical comments, although control 187 (the bracken-surrounded pit on Blue and Brown) was mentioned frequently.  It had apparently been used, and caused problems, at the previous event here.  Apologies to any who thought it unfair; and also for having left out some tapes on similar features in the same area which were not used.  Despite those, and any other glitches, I hope that you enjoyed your runs. 

I wish to thank all those who helped make sure the plannerís tasks were fulfilled, in particular control putter-outers and collector-inners.  Special thanks go to Chris McDonald, who acted as mentor and my good conscience throughout the duration of the planning period; to Philip Gristwood, who stepped in as controller at the last minute and also made the maps happen; and to Simon Ling, who realised that carrying large quantities of kit by bike can be difficult, and took charge of plannerís logistics, in addition to everything else he had to do in his double-header over the weekend.

Organiser's report

It was far from certain these events would actually take place until fairly recently mainly because of the lack of a controller and also because of difficulty in obtaining permission for the use of the Cricket Club Pavilion.  However it all turned out all right in the end, although the lack of advance publicity was probably responsible for the relatively low numbers of competitors.

 I would like to give special thanks to Philip Gristwood for controlling so cheerfully and helpfully, as well as printing all the maps for us, especially as he had only recently completed a major planning task at Ash Ranges. 

Thanks also to Graham Sutton for planning the District event despite not having a car, and Mark Cheeseman the night event despite not being available on that day due to work commitments.

 At least the weather was kind and the Common looked spectacular in the low mist, so I hope you all enjoyed yourselves.  Congratulations to Mike Murray and Jackie Chapman, both of SLOW, who are the new South East veterans champions; and to the Chapman family of SO who won a close families competition.

 Simon Ling

Controller's Report

Having volunteered to assist by controlling our own pair of events less than 2 weeks before they took place did not give any opportunity for pre-checking control sites, or making any significant alterations to courses.  To make things more interesting the SENiLe had only been planned on paper and the planner was unable to visit Banstead again, even for the event.  Luckily I have run on Banstead a few times over the years and I had actually planned a score event there in 1991, my second go at planning, so visualisation was not a problem.
As well as armchair checking the courses I also let myself in for OCadding the night course so you could all have pre-printed maps.  There were a few minor tweaks and I would like to think a number of improvements made to control descriptions and circle and line placing and cutting.  Although I had not planned to actually check the controls, I later decided that I could find time to do it.  I checked all 32 night controls (Mark had been very generous and had completely different controls for all the courses!) and all 43 day controls before each event started, running a total distance of 21 km.  Saturday was a bit miserable with rain at times, but Sunday morning was bright and frosty with a few deer around and was great.
Luckily Mark and Graham had got things pretty well right and only 2 or 3 controls needed to be repositioned a little, most of you seemed to find the correct ones.  The night courses were a little on the easy side and this was reflected in generally fast times.  Had it been foggy like our last SENiLe there it would have been a different matter.  Sundays courses seemed to be just right looking at the results.  Times on Blue were very fast but this was probably due to all the fast Vets having to run it instead of Brown.
Philip Gristwood

Mole Valley Orienteering Club

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