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06 JUNE 2004

Planner's report   Organisers' report  Controller's report
Results with splits     Results without splits

Badge standard times 
Yellow: 39.24    Orange 25.18    Green 66.27



Planner’s report

The Nower has everything, nice runnable woodland, a good path network, lots of interesting pits, gullies, depressions etc and a pretty hefty hill. The only problem is that there is not enough of it, although this does mean it is a lot quicker for planners and controllers to get round all the controls.

The size was no problem for the yellow course, in fact it is ideally suited. That applies to the orange as well although it did have to cross the road which I would have preferred to avoid. The real challenge was to plan a reasonable green course, which had to zig zag back and forth crossing itself several times to get even a modest 4.2km. Without SI dibbers it would have needed two master maps. However I hope it provided some challenges to the punters, and even if the controls were easy enough to find, the 190 metre climb should have got you at least a little puffed!

As an absentee planner - I planned the courses but was not able to be at the event - I cannot say how this has worked out in practice. All I can say is that I found it great fun to plan, I am sorry I was not there and I hope you all had a satisfying run. My hearty thanks to Simon for agreeing to put out the controls on the day.

Bill Alexander (Mole Valley)


Organiser's report

I trust that you all enjoyed the annual visit to The Nower, as in recent years the weather was hot and dry on the day.  The organisation seemed to run smoothly, and surprisingly the parking did not run out, so thanks to those of you that heeded the advice to share cars.  My thanks also go to all the MV helpers who performed their tasks efficiently and with the minimum of fuss.

The maps that you had were not up to the standard that they should have been and for that I apologise.  In the week preceding the event the blank copies of the maps were not accessible, and therefore we ended up colour photocopying the master maps.  This did have the advantage that you had pre-marked maps, but the quality was not great – particularly the light green screens, and the amount of ‘cracking’ that occurred, I have learnt to be more careful next time! I hope this did not spoil your enjoyment of the event too much.

 Mark Rowe (Mole Valley)


Controller's report

As Bill was unable to be present at the event although he did the intellectual part of the planning before hand, it fell to me to hang the controls on the day.  I’d like to thank Ian and Nick who helped, and also Michael, Chris and Ian who collected them in afterwards.

The main problems on the day were probably the fact that the last control on the green had slipped off the control descriptions somehow, and that control 202 on the yellow and orange did not work initially and had to be replaced.  We have not disqualified anybody who was affected by either of these difficulties.

Bill’s courses seemed to be well received although the green turned out to be fairly strenuous despite his worry that it wasn’t long enough! The fact that the bracken had grown three feet since the course was planned probably had quite a bit to do with that.  Also the weather was rather too warm for running in although very pleasant for sitting and watching!

Thank you to everybody who came – you made it all worth while.

Simon Ling (Mole Valley)


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