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Planner's Report
The main problem with the planning was getting the Olive course right, mainly on the technical difficulty. The spread of times and the comments afterwards seem to suggest that I wasn't too far adrift.

The weather was kind to me putting out the controls but managed to come on to rain after the first starters had gone out. The controls collectors on the Sunday said that the river crossings on the Navy course were a bit more challenging than Saturday night (read deeper!!), but still negotiable. It even looked as if control 1 on the Ochre course had been for a paddle in the stream.

The best route to Navy 1 was straight and the route from Navy 3 to 4 was easiest just below the fence corner at the edge of the map, before heading up to the road. A number of runners encountered the control in the pit at the bottom of the slope set out for Sunday on their way to Navy 4 and were confused because it had no SI box. You should have noted that it had a completely different control code as well.

Mike Elliot, Mole Valley


Organiser's Report
What a super area Pippingford is! I certainly enjoyed it and the course that Mike had created during my run.  We were blessed with reasonable weather given the time of year, it seemed colder to me the next day during the district event, although thankfully it is quite sheltered where the parking was situated for the night event.

My thanks to all the MV helpers ensuring that everything seemed to run smoothly and efficiently on the night.  Congratulations to all the course winners, it is pleasing to see 9 juniors amongst the total of 38, and at this early stage the South East Night League is looking very competitive this year.

Thank you all for coming,

Mark Rowe, Mole Valley

Mole Valley Orienteering Club

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