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Results with split times

Results without split times

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Colour standard times
Brown 74:40    Blue 67:00    Green 51.30
Light Green 47:30
Red 50.15    Orange 45.30    Yellow 35:00    White 44:00


South East Veterans winners
1 Julianna Grant MV 41.28
2 Susan Crickmore SO 44.51
3 Jenny Bray SN 47.01
1 Vince Joyce SO 43.47
2 Phil Stuart BAOC 45.49
3 Mike Murray SLOW 47.16

Families Competition Winners
1 The Bridge family  239 points
2 The Crickmore family 278 points
3 The Bray family 351 points
4 The Simmons family 414 points


Planner's Report
 If only the wind had not turned to come the North East, and if only it had not rained buckets before dawn the conditions might not have been quite as demanding as they were.  I do hope that the wind-chill effects have now worn off!  When planning the courses, I had anticipated this to some extent and gave route choice which avoided the worst marshy bits, but some of the rides used on the short courses were much wetter than I would have wished, and gave a “slide to the control” option.

The winning times were pretty much as I had expected, and it was re-assuring that most competitors found all of the controls to be in the right place. A few also discovered some controls left out from the previous night event. None were in, or close to, the control circle for the courses, and in any event had a completely different control code range (200’s not100’s).  Fortunately all controls operated without failure and there was no vandalism – except for 236 at the highest point on the Brown which was demolished (I suspect accidentally by an over-enthusiastic competitor- but he or she should by rights have been too tired after the climb up the hill!) and thanks to Ian Ditchfield for retrieving the box from the depths of a very cold wet pit – which had been dry the day before! 

My thanks go to Mark Rowe and Bill Alexander for giving me a hand in setting out the control boxes for the short courses – as I managed to get my car stuck in the mud this turned out to be beyond value – as was the help from Ian Ditchfield and controller Andrew Evans who added two person-power to retrieve the situation.  Most embarrassing!! Control collection thanks are due to Ian, Mark, Nigel (despite recovering from a particularly gruesome injury), and Nick – they enabled all to leave before dark (for which I am particularly grateful).

 I hope you enjoyed the event – please do come again.

 Chris McDonald, Mole Valley


Organiser's Report
Sunday was a very cold day and a strong wind across Ashdown Forest gave a substantial wind chill. Fortunately we had the troop shelter to give tolerable conditions to the computer and registration teams. It was nice to have a substantial parking area although heavy overnight rain had made the grass soft. Not surprisingly few competitors fancied the nearly frozen orange squash after their run. Having a site that was easy to sign post, a start and finish near the car park and fixed toilets made for a relatively easy job for the organiser. A bifocal spectacle lens was found at control 10 on the blue course, if the owner will contact me via the website then I will return it.

I would like to thank all those Moles who helped at the event and the efficient way everybody carried out their jobs. Thanks to Mike Elliot for obtaining permissions from the various landowners and for running the electronics. And thanks to Chris and his helpers for getting the controls up in plenty of time so we could start early. And finally thanks to Andrew for controlling the event.

Michael White, Mole Valley


Controller's Report
Pippingford has a lot of variety of terrain and gives several opportunities for challenging courses. In December, it was important to avoid the major river crossings as the water level is variable; Chris’s courses did this. The sunshine welcoming the early starters gave little indication of the heavy rain in the preceding 24 hours. I think this justified fully the approach Chris took.  

All the technically difficult courses included an element of “real Ashdown”, the area to the east of the main river system and some competitors found this tough going. It was meant to be! Chris’s course lengths allowed for this and the winning times were as expected.  

The shorter courses were largely on rides, more difficult to navigate along than a path system, but it was pleasing to see that all competitors on white, yellow and orange completed their course successfully. Although there were a few punching errors on the more technical courses, each was at a completely different control suggesting isolated misjudgements.  

Well done to Michael for his coordination of the many Moles that helped on the day to make this a very smooth running event.

Andrew Evans, DFOK

Mole Valley Orienteering Club

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