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24 APRIL 2004

Organisers' report   Planner's report
Straight results (no splits)    Results with split times



Organiser's report

Our thanks are due to Tony Rozier and the Banstead Commons Conservators for permission to use this surprisingly challenging area, and for allowing us to erect a tent to shade the computer (and dog) from the welcome sunshine (instead of the rain which we had expected.) The sunshine brought out a good number of entries on the day, and encouraged a pleasant atmosphere as competitors lingered to discuss their routes.
My thanks also to Mike Elliot who both dealt with pre-entries and set up and ran SI most efficiently on the day. And lastly, thank you to the small band of Moles who gave up their Saturday morning to help the event run smoothly.

Jackie Olive, Mole Valley

Planner's report

I hope you all enjoyed Banstead Heath in near-perfect conditions – another couple of weeks and the undergrowth will be a lot more noticeable.  

I realise that this was originally billed as a SuperSprint event and acknowledge that courses were probably more in line with a standard middle-distance race than the sprint format that Alan Leakey envisaged.  Having agreed to plan, it rapidly became apparent that the 11 year old map wasn’t going to be suitable without an update and that I would have to do this myself!  As a result, most of my time had to be devoted to the re-survey with the courses themselves taking second place.  I did however try to ensure that you visited the best parts of the Heath (apart from the central area, which is very pleasant but rather featureless) and that there was some navigational challenge in control-picking through the complex areas, hopefully after hard running across the open ground. 

 My thanks go to Laurence Townley for acting as an unofficial controller, to Nigel and Mike for assistance with control collection, and to Alan Halliday at Kall Kwik for the excellent printing service.

 Nick Green, Mole Valley


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