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29 NOVEMBER 2003

Planner's report   Organisers' report  Controller's report
Straight results (no splits)    Badge times 

Split times for all courses:
Ochre, Olive Navy


Badge Times

Navy : the first 17 competitors qualify for their badge

Olive : the first 12 competitors qualify for their badge

Ochre : the first 2 competitors qualify for their badge


Plannerís report

Thereís a first time for everything, and this was my first effort at planning for a night event.  The start was inauspicious.  We were unable to get permission for the golf course on the northern third of the map which would have made for some excellent night-O.  Left with the rest of the area there was a simple choice Ė easy and fair or tricky and bingo.  The paths and woodland of Epsom Downs donít lend themselves to fair orienteering at night so you were kept out in the open with bold sites and relatively long legs.  We laid on the weather just so you would appreciate it!  Thanks to Sandra and Roy for their help with controls, to Nick for his unqualified success in controlling and to all of you for turning out on such a wild evening.

Tony Burton


Organiser's report

 Thank you very much to all my helpers.  Despite the weather I feel that we all had a good time and the competitors seemed to enjoy themselves too!

 Thanks to Tony for the planning and to Mark Rowe for sorting out land use and car parking permissions.

 Cynthia Ling


Controller's report

 Night-O can vary from easy to overly difficult.  Given the nature of Epsom Downs this event was always going to be at the elementary end of the scale.  Even so, it is apparent that we underestimated just how fast some people would go round: perhaps the fastest minutes per km you may ever achieve at night.  I suspect the amount of ambient light may have been a factor - quite a few were able to run with the headlamp switched off for much of the time.  With hindsight, the Olive and Navy courses probably should have sampled the woodland, provided that some suitable control sites could have been found.
Nick Green



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