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05 MAY 2003

Planner's report   Organisers' report  Controller's report

Straight results (no splits)    

Split times for colour coded courses:
White, Yellow and Orange  Red
Light Green    Green    Blue    Brown

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Colour Coded Standard Times 

Yellow : 26:26 Orange: 54:16  Red: 71:17  
Light Green: 63:12  Green: 63:14  Blue: 75:48  Brown: 83:10



Planner’s report

I hope you enjoyed running at Norbury, which is now as varied and runnable as at any time in the past 20 years that I’ve been walking and running over the area. A quick check over the area in February confirmed that although it would be possible to run an event on the old map, the event would be much better with an updated map, this time at 1:10,000. The scarp was discarded at this stage too – the vegetation is now too thick and brambley for pleasant orienteering.

With hindsight, the only aspect of the event I would change would be control 210 – Brown 16. Three weeks before the event with the survey completed, the vegetation boundaries around the control fitted, and there was no sign of the rather substantial hut 30m (and the other side of a thicket) from the control.

 Thanks to Gordon for his guidance when we were finalising the courses, Michael for the organisation, Nick Green for assistance with hanging controls, Mike Elliot for looking after the IT side of the event, and the control collectors. And for comments overheard at the download tent, which suggested that you had enjoyed yourselves.

 Jon Coles

Organiser's report

After a convivial evening at the Mole Annual dinner in March I discovered that I had agreed to organize the Norbury event. Since my experience was limited it was fortunate that Mark Rowe was able to provide guidance as to how I should proceed. It soon became apparent that the Young Street Car Park would not be large enough if we had a big turnout. We therefore approached the Countryside Ranger for Norbury who agreed to open up the field beyond the Public Car Park for us. Accordingly we concentrated our activities in this field and separated the orienteers from the public.

Thanks to the efficiency of the mole helpers the general state of bemusement of the organizer was concealed from the event participants and the event seemed to take place with no important glitches. We had 201 entrants, which was above our most optimistic forecasts. Thanks to Hugh Walker’s pre event publicity in the local paper a number of novice orienteers attended, these were efficiently looked after by Jackie Olive at the enquiry desk. Hopefully some will become active orienteers.

Many thanks to Jon Coles for the efficient way he handled the important part of the occasion, to Gordon Parker for his helpful suggestions and to all the moles who gave up part of their Bank Holiday and without whose support this event could not have taken place.

 Michael White

Controller's report

I hope you all enjoyed Jon’s courses and his revised map. Jon’s decision to avoid the scarp slope definitely led to more pleasant courses, although it was surprising at how fast the forest vegetation changed over the past three weeks. I was pleased as usual with the efficient Mole “machine” where the event as always ran very smoothly under the guidance of Michael as organiser and Mike as computer guru.

We made little changes to any of the courses as I was very happy with Jon’s range of courses – the positive comments we received at the finish would suggest you enjoyed them also.

Apologies to anyone who was confused by our “fated” control on the green course – number 247. This control was originally numbered 225, but I was unhappy about this numbering, as it was beside another control 226 – both controls were on knolls about 80-90 metres apart. Not only this, but when Jon was putting out the control it lost one of the numbers off the stake. Fortunately on the day the Sport Ident box worked OK, as Jon and I were becoming concerned this control was out to conspire against us!

I am aware of one person who became confused with these controls, but I took the view that they were sufficiently far apart to be fair given the surrounding terrain.

I enjoyed controlling this event and look forward to the next Mole Valley event.

Gordon Parker (SLOW)


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