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06 JULY 2003

Planner's report   Organisers' report  Controller's report
Results without split times     Results with split times

String course results

Note: For the "Light Green plus Extension course" the splits show all the times recorded. This includes the times at controls 99 and 98. Control 99 was the end of the Light Green (and hence the time given for the Frolic Course) Control 98 was the Start of the Extension. The time between 99 and 98 was the "rest, recuperation and copying of 2nd master maps" On the "simple results" the time between 99 and 98 has been removed.

Colour Coded standard times:

Yellow 28:36   Orange  46:20    Light Green 39:03

Download or view the handicap scores for this event. They are a Microsoft Excel file

See the full Frolic results at the LOK web site


Plannerís report

Many years ago this was where I had my first experience of planning for MVs picnic event.  As I recall the undergrowth was much less then and most controls were in the woods rather than in the open. 
Now the opposite is the case and the area is just about OK for a FROLIC type event.  With the limitations of racetrack and overgrown woods it is now very difficult to plan interesting courses for Yellow and Orange.  With a few helpful suggestions from Tim Denton (controller) I think we got some reasonable courses and so I hope you all had an enjoyable run.
Despite having an updated map there were a few inaccuracies which caused problems for a few people in finding a knoll on the Light Green course.  It was also pointed out that perhaps the North lines had not been updated since 1988, so I hope these did not cause too much inconvenience.
My thanks go to Tim for not only controlling but also putting out half the controls - ensuring that no-one else lost a competitive run - and also helping to collect them in again.
Philip Gristwood


Organiser's report

It was a near perfect day for a frolic on Epsom Downs, perhaps a little too muggy, but dry and warm, with an occasional refreshing breeze. 

Our thanks are due to Gerry Ball and the Epsom & Walton Downs Conservators for permission to use the area, and to the General Public who tolerated the antics of strangely clad orienteers.  It was great to welcome a wide range of competitors from aged 7 weeks (sorry, Francis, youíre not the youngest any more) to our resident octogenarian. 

I apologise to those of you who like an early start, and who had a bit of a wait while we got the SI equipment up and running. Once the initial queue worked its way through the start there was a steady stream of competitors on each course, and I hope you all enjoyed your courses once you got going.

One family particularly enjoyed the String course (which the Controller found quite challenging!) carefully prepared and run by the Rowlett family. Thank you to them and all the other Moles who rallied round on the day and made sure everything ran smoothly.  Perhaps our timing was not at its best that morning, not only was the SI late getting going, but the ice cream van didnít arrive until nearly lunch time!

Jackie Olive


Controller's report

Epson Downs is not the most technical of areas.  Nevertheless, Philip did well to put together a set of courses with some technical and physical challenges for the more experienced, and variety on the yellow and orange.
As noted elsewhere, there were some oddities on the map, and Philip tried to plan around these.  The knoll at No 5 on the Frolics course was used despite knowing that it was mapped a little west of it's true location - something to correct for the next print of the map.

Tim Denton, GO


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