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21 DECEMBER 2003

Planner's report   Organisers' report  Controller's report
Results without splits  (22k)   

Split times for all colour coded courses (238k)

String course results



Colour Coded Standard Times

Yellow : 42.47 Orange: 45.17  Red: 74.17  
L Green: 58.03  Green: 78.50  Blue: 84.00  Brown: 99.02


1 Christine Kiddier (GO)  
2 Helen Errington (HH)  
3 Carol House (SO)  
1 Neil Crickmore (SO)  
2 Pete Jones (SN)  
3 John Dowty (SLOW)  


1 Crickmore family (SO) 303 points
2 Bray family (SN) 334 points
3 McMillan family (SLOW) 344 points
4 Andrews family (CROC)   383 points

there were four entrants to this competition.


Plannerís report

To be added soon

Organiser's report

The main problem to the organization of a major Orienteering event on Headley Heath has been difficulty with car parking. However Mike Elliottís agreement with the Scouts to the use of their campsite at Boidier Hurst and the National Trustís approval to our use of the southern car park on Headley gave us a viable car park arrangement. The weather was kind to us, there were no injuries, and I am not aware of any complaints by the public or others. Thank you to all those who helped so efficiently with the event.

Michael White

Controller's report

I hope that you enjoyed running on the same area as the National Event, but without the more brutal Box Hill part.  Mike gave runners on the technical courses plenty of variation of leg length and direction.  The Brown course boasted no fewer than 3 legs of over 1km, offering significant route choice.  At the other end of the scale, the area enabled Mike to offer a White course more interesting than the usual offering, while still following the guidelines.
We had shortened both the Light Green and Green courses, but both of them still proved to be slightly on the long side.  The others produced expected times.
The delay to the early starts shows the risks of having a control hanger also potentially required to sort out computer problems.  Another lesson is that, if you are operating a 'turn up and go' punching start with master maps, you really need a minimum of 3 master maps for each popular course.  I hope that the fine weather made it acceptable for those of you who had to wait.
Having controlled the National Event, I had been looking forward to a run, but controlling on a compact and mostly runnable area was an enjoyable substitute.  Thank you to Michael for producing such thorough Officials' Guidelines that I needed to ask almost no further questions on the organisation. 
Hedley Calderbank 



1. Alice Clemens                      4mins 20secs

2. Jonathon Crickmore             5mins 58

3. Christopher Green               6mins 53

4. Holly Clemens                     6mins 55

5. Oliver Southall                     9mins 05

6. Steven Green                      10mins31

7 Ashleigh Blenkinsopp           14mins55

8.James Blenkinsopp              17mins30

9.James Erington                     20mins15

10 Peter Erington                     20mins50



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