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12 MAY 2002

Planner's report   Organisers' report  Controller's report
Straight results (no splits)     Badge times 

Split times for colour coded courses:
White, Yellow and Orange    Red
Light Green    Green    Blue    Brown

Badge Times

White: 19:08  Yellow : 25:35  Orange: 45:20  Red: 1:30:03  
L Green: 1:21:01  Green: 1:29:05  Blue: 1:24:36  Brown: 1:30:08


Plannerís report

Graham Gristwood originally planned courses for this event a year ago, but then along came Foot and Mouth and everything was shelved.  A year on, exam commitments meant that he was unable to take on the role again, so, living close by, I was persuaded to take over. 

Start and finish and the broad shape of the courses were all pretty much as Graham had intended them, but, for various reasons, I did have to re-plan the longer courses.  Some control sites proved unusable, usually where the map was no longer representative of the terrain.  This was exacerbated by forestry work in the northern part of the area, which should improve things considerably in years to come but made it difficult to find acceptable control sites on this occasion. 

As mentioned in the notes on the day, the sawmill has extended its operations considerably.  The huge stacks of timber flanking the track make it impractical to set legs cutting across this part of the area, which is a pity given some nice contour detail on the slope to the west.

Finally, we only learnt of the clay pigeon shoot on the Wednesday prior to the event.  Although there were no controls within the shooting area itself, this still meant a late night re-working the courses from red through to brown with controller Charlie Turner, without the time to make any further checks.  We had to ditch one ! control as being too close and we tried to lead you away from the option of cutting across the slope alongside the out-of-bounds (which would have made a nice run in towards the finish).  As it was, the fall of shot went somewhat further than had been expected and Charlie stepped in to extend the tapes marking the out of bounds area.  

That's enough about the difficulties.  For the most part planning was very enjoyable: for me this is probably the nicest part of the whole White Downs map and I tried to route you through the best bits.  The leaves coming out in the fortnight before the event did reduce visibility, which probably slowed people down slightly and certainly made one or two controls less obvious (for instance the vegetation boundary at 207).  There was also the strange experience of putting out the first SI boxes at 6.00am on the morning of the event and hearing a strange music reverberating over the forest, which turned out to be a rave on Ranmore Common - thank goodness we weren't running there!

My thanks go to Charlie Turner for his advice, thoroughness and willingness to put in a lot of effort to ensure we met what became quite a tight timetable, especially with the last-minute complications of the clay shoot, to Graham Gristwood for his groundwork last year, to Mike Elliot, Keith Masson and Ian Ditchfield for control hanging and to the many who volunteered to collect in controls afterwards.

Nick Green


Organiser's report

With less than four weeks publicity for this event it was very pleasing to see nearly 300 orienteers, ranging from the family who only came for the string course to the strong contingent from the Swedish Army, enjoying the delights of this well-hidden part of Surrey.  (So well-hidden in fact that the St John Ambulance volunteers never found it!)

It probably didn't bother the Swedes, but the sound of gunfire was a little disconcerting for some competitors and I hope did not deter too much from your enjoyment.

Our thanks are due to the Forestry Commission, Steve Taylor & Neil Austin of Tilhill Forestry Ltd, Derek Eckton & Jess Allinson of the Netley Shooting Syndicate & Nick Rudley of Kingshilll Shooting Syndicate for permission to use this delightful forest. Those of you who visited the sawmill on your courses might like to look out for a new television film, 'Trial & Retribution' soon to be released which features the sawmill. My personal thanks go to the army of Moles who gave generously of their time on the day to make the event run so smoothly.  I  would like to give particular mention to Andrew Fisher and his family who organised their first (and excellent) String course, and to Julianna Grant who, as Safety Officer, also provided first aid.

Jackie Olive


Controller's report

As explained by Nick, I started controlling this event before the onset of the  Foot and Mouth crisis, about eighteen months ago. During this time the forest very noticeably changed and during the week of the event forestry work was under way in three separate parts of the map.  Add to this the huge numbers of logs being stored at the sawmill and the clay shoot, the event was a challenge for all concerned.  The clay shoot resulted in Nick re-planning, at just three days notice, all the longer courses and this is the reason why some competitors may have felt there was a little too much climb, just when they thought they were going to finish.  At least you all finished without being seriously shot!  I witnessed one early competitor under fire from some out-fall shot and I decided to extend the Out of Bounds by moving the tapes much further south than the Clay Shoot had suggested would be necessary.  I hope this caused no problems. With a map that is five years old it is very difficult to make all the controls fully acceptable for every competitor.  The vegetation boundary junction (207) caused problems to some but this junction was certainly very obvious when finally checked three weeks prior to the event.  Perhaps with the trees just coming in to leaf things looked very different!

The event organisation ran smoothly and Jackie seemed to have thought of everything.  I hope you liked her exit road signs on leaving the event giving directions for Dorking / Guildford.  We could do with more of these at other events.  Both Nick and Jackie did an excellent job and I enjoyed my involvement.

The bluebells two weeks before the event were just amazing.

Charlie Turner




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