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08 DECEMBER 2002

Planner's report   Organisers' report  Controller's report
Straight results (no splits)     Badge times 

Split times for colour coded courses:
White, Yellow, Orange and Red
Light Green    Green    Blue    Brown


Badge Times

White: 36.08 Yellow : 40.07 Orange: 58.08  Red: 1.09.34  
L Green: 1.29.25  Green: 1.07.30  Blue: 1.24.34  Brown: 1.39.45


Ladies Sara Howes W40 of  SAX, 5th and first lady on the Green in 48 min 50 sec
Men.Pete Jones M45 of SN, winning the Blue in 54min 26 sec

Trophies can be picked up from Ian Ditchfield by arrangement at any South East event

Only two families took part, but the competition between them became very close when the mother of one family was unable to compete after entry.  The scores are listed below:
Winner Parkinson family  SAX 483.36 points
Runner up Moore family  BKO 478.64 points


Plannerís report

I hope you all enjoyed your courses and did not find the bleak weather or the Ashdown terrain too inhospitable, thanks to Mike for his relaxed and efficient controlling and thanks to you all, for the positive comments on the courses.  I also trust that early starters were not too inconvenienced by the delayed starts and hope this did not detract from your enjoyment of the day.
Nigel Bush

Organiser's report

I had my arm twisted soon after returning from Hungary after the summer.  Considering that I have already organised - albeit with assistance - a Badge event this year, I reluctantly agreed, even though I knew that this time of year is usually filled with 16 hour days and 7 day weeks for me.  In spite of that I enjoyed the challenge and I was very ably assisted yet again by Mark Rowe.  Thanks Mark!!

 We had the usual problem of not being able to park, start or finish on Ashdown Forest, which necessitated parking in Pippingford Manor.  I hope the 800 metres walk to the pre-start and a few hundred metres from there to the start triangle did not inconvenience you too much.  Another slight problem appeared in the shape of a whole Army troop complete with a dozen or so vehicles in and around our computing hut, but they were extremely friendly and accommodating by clearing out just in time for us to take up residence in the morning.  I hope that the few remaining blank shots in the vicinity of the Start did not frighten anyone.

 Finally, I have to make my apologies for the delay in starting.  I leave the detailed explanations to the Planner and/or Controller, but I hope that my efforts at providing all of you with as much information as I had at the time and keeping you in your warm cars as long as possible saved inconvenience to some degree.  Apologies again to those I missed and who have already departed for the Start.  As the Controller let you go even before all SI boxes were out, I hope nobody caught anything too debilitating in the cold.

 I must thank all the helpers, who braved the cold weather and the stresses resulting from the delayed start with great fortitude.  Thanks go also to the Pippingford Estate, the British Army, to the Conservators of Ashdown Forest and to Brigadier Constantine allowing us to enjoy the beauty and challenge of this prime orienteering area.  I hope to see all of you at the National Event on Box Hill, White Hill and Headley Heath on February 9th next year.

 Julianna Grant

Controller's report

My conversations with competitors at the finish were all complimentary and Nigel is to be congratulated on producing fine courses which received little or no amendment from me.
I was particularly pleased with the junior courses which encouraged simple navigation with winning times well under 30 minutes.
Marking up maps out of competition time is a particularly good idea,  Can anyone else remember being given 15 minutes to do this in a well lit room with table and chair to hand?  Recent grotty map marking weather has forced us to mark up in dingy, damp and overcrowded tents or under tarpaulines.
Congratulations to all the finishers and to those who helped.
Mike Murray

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