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Management and governance
Mole Valley Orienteering Club is governed by its constitution.

Day to day activities are guided by the Committee.

The Committee comprises Officers with specific roles and co-opted members. You can see a full list of the current Committee, their roles and email contact details here.

All club members are invited to the Annual General Meeting.

At this meeting the Committee for the following year is formed and any major issues which require a wider discussion are debated.

All Mole Valley Orienteering Club members are eligible to sit on the Committee either as Officers or as co-opted members.

Any club member has the right to attend any Committee meeting.

Information about upcoming meetings is available directly from the Clerk (see the list of Club Contacts for email address).


Policies and Codes of Conduct
Mole Valley Orienteering Club has a range of policies and Codes of Conduct designed to help us adopt a responsible attitude to running events in our sport, and to clarify our stance on important issues for all those taking part.

Accident or incident guidelines

Child protection policy statement

Code of conduct for club officials and volunteers

Code of conduct for junior members

Code of conduct for parents and carers

Code of conduct for participants

Data and photography privacy policy

Equity policy

Safeguarding policy


Committee Meeting Notes

29 November 2018 - Meeting Notes

28 March 2019 - Meeting Notes

6 June 2019 - Meeting Notes

17 October 2019 - Meeting Notes

16 January 2020 - Meeting Notes

16 April 2020 - Meeting Notes

02 July 2020 - Meeting Notes

15 October 2020 - Meeting Notes

22 January 2021 - Meeting Notes

20 April 2021 - Meeting Notes

20 July 2021 - Meeting Notes

08 November 2021 - Meeting Notes

08 February 2022 - Meeting Notes

16 May 2023 - Meeting Notes

21 September 2023 - Meeting Notes


AGM Notes

2019 AGM - Minutes

2020 AGM - Minutes

2021 AGM - Minutes - Chair's Report

2022 AGM - Minutes - Chair's Report


2023 AGM - Minutes


Mole Valley Orienteering Club

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