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Missing your regular Parkrun during the pandemic?

Try our SmartRun – you can take part at any time to suit yourself

    2k course for Juniors, Families and the less energetic; and 5k courses for Seniors. Follow the paths around the park – run or walk – individually or as a family – the choice is yours
    Your route is checked against the one we’ve set to be sure that you completed the course, then your time is recorded and added to the SmartRun leaderboard which also shows age group and gender
    Run it as often as you like to see whether you can improve your time
    Try out more challenging versions to add variation to your runs and begin to practice orienteering
    The only thing we can’t provide is the social gathering before and after - sorry ‘rules are rules’ for now and whilst we’re on the topic of safety – if you’re out on your own do let somebody know where you are and that you’ll check in with them when you finish and make sure that you have flagged your emergency contacts on your phone

So what do you need?

    A smartphone with an app called MapRunF installed (or a GPS runner’s watch). You can get the app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play – search ‘MapRunF’
    A map of the park so that you know where to go or you could use the one on the phone but it might be a bit small. It’s pretty easy to just follow the paths but if you’re feeling more adventurous try cutting the corners! Check what courses are available and download the maps here.

How does it work?

    Either download the course onto your phone before you go out OR go to the park and click ‘Events Near Me’ to download it using your data connection
    Make sure you know where you are on the map – where the Start is and where you are going to head off to from there – now click ‘Go to Start’. You might need to give the phone a few moments to get a GPS fix
    As you arrive at the Start you’ll hear your phone beep (just like it would if you got a text message) and you’re off. You can put it safe in a pocket if you’d rather not run the risk of dropping it
    As you arrive at each checkpoint the phone should beep again – you don’t need to look at it, just run on to the next one
    When you get to the finish it will beep one final time and when you look at your phone you’ll see your total time is displayed
    You can then click ‘Show Results’. This will show the data for all your results to date and if you click on the one you’ve just done you can opt to see ‘All Results for this Event’ and see where you are in the standings

For a more detailed, written version of the above (including how you can post a track using a GPS watch if you prefer), download our ‘How to SmartRun’ notes here.

There are three levels to choose from – ‘SmartRun’ which uses a set path only route, ‘SmartRun Challenge’ where you have route choices to make as to which path to take and ‘SmartRun Adventure’ which will take you off the paths and into the hidden corners. When you’ve mastered the first level move on up to the next one or if you prefer to keep it simple then have a go at one of a similar standard but in a different location. Lots of possibilities.

If you want to know more about the maps, and the fun to be had using them take a look at this video from British Orienteering YouTube link It relates to Permanent Orienteering Courses (which our Adventure level SmartRun courses use) and has a nice simple explanation of how to use the map

Send us your feedback by emailing If there’s a demand for it we can set up further courses of the same standard for you to have a go at. Likewise if you have any problems drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help you out

We hope you enjoy your SmartRun and will be back for another go. More courses at other locations will be added as the weeks go by so bookmark this site or follow us on social media for updates @MVSmartRun on Twitter and @MVOrienteeringClub on Facebook

IMPORTANT NOTES: You should only take part in these activities if you can do so whilst adhering to the current government guidance e.g. observing social distancing. They are designed to be run or walked individually or in family groups, please be courteous to others. You are advised to shadow a child or vulnerable adult to ensure their personal safety whilst taking part in a SmartRun.

These courses are not official events. You are wholly and solely responsible for your own safety and conduct whilst using the map and/or running a SmartRun course. By downloading a Mole Valley Orienteering Club map either on paper or via the MapRunF app you accept this responsibility.

The MapRunF app is available from the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

   Get it on Google Play

The courses currently available are listed below along with links to their respective maps and control description sheets.


SmartRun Courses

SmartRuns are offered at three levels of difficulty.

    SmartRun which uses a set, path only route.
    SmartRun Challenge where you have route choices to make as to which path to take; and
    SmartRun Adventure which will take you off the paths and into hidden corners.

Nonsuch Park, Cheam
Start and finish near to Cheam gate on A232.
click to see location map

2k SmartRun – map linkresults link
2k SmartRun Challenge – map linkresults link
2k SmartRun Adventure – map linkresults link

5k SmartRun – map linkresults link
5k SmartRun Challenge – map linkresults link
5k SmartRun Adventure – map linkresults link


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