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4.7km 55m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Nick Barrable SYO M40 20:10
2nd Richard Barrett BAOC M40 21:48
3rd Edward Catmur SLOW M21 22:14
4th Jan Mikula CZECH M18 22:46
5th Eoin O'Callaghan SLOW M35 23:22
6th James Lyne SLOW M21 24:07
7th Mark Ford CHIG M35 24:15
8th Scott Collier KERNO M21 24:26
9th Oliver O'Brien SLOW M21 25:25
10th Mick Hill IND M35 25:48
11th Paul Couldridge SLOW M40 25:53
12th Christopher Wroe SLOW M21 26:13
13th Vidar Bergum IND M21 26:17
14th Tom Cochrane SLOW M21 26:21
15th Todd Fallesen SLOW M21 26:24
16th Helen Gardner SLOW W21 26:25
17th Andreas Frediksson SWEDEN M40 26:30
18th George Lovett LOK M21 26:37
19th Peter Huzan SLOW M50 26:49
20th Alan Hickling SAX M50 26:55
21st Hugh Hurley SLOW M21 27:05
22nd Adam Dent SLOW M21 27:23
23rd Ling Sang Angus Liu SLOW M21 27:35
24th Ben Smith SLOW M21 27:36
25th Valerie Suter SLOW W35 27:41
26th Jo Hurley SLOW W21 27:55
27th Micheal Tothill IND M40 27:59
28th Angus Lund SLOW M40 28:00
29th= Vince Roper SLOW M45 29:09
29th= Davide Coda ITALY M21 29:09
31st Colin Dutkiewicz SLOW M40 29:27
32nd Andrew Evans DFOK M55 29:35
33rd Greg Ehlen BAOC M50 29:38
34th Claire Heliot SLOW W21 30:37
35th Mauricio Mendes PORTUGAL M35 31:10
36th Nick Raper IND M21 31:13
37th Rhys Pippard SERPENTINE M21 31:44
38th= Sue Carter CHIG W45 32:02
38th= Francis Carr IND M21 32:02
40th Darrell Read IND M21 32:05
41st Andy Robinson SLOW M60 32:06
42nd Jordan Kolev TVOC M21 32:08
43rd Rebecca Goodwin IND W21 32:15
44th Simon Dunkley SN M45 32:18
45th Gytaute Akstinaite LTU W21 32:30
46th Andrew Turner SLOW M50 33:17
47th David Eastwood NOR M21 33:33
48th Don McKerrow SLOW M60 34:06
49th Richard Jones SLOW M40 34:15
50th Ben Windsor DRONGO M21 34:24
51st Christopher Robinson IND M21 34:35
52nd Darren Over IND M40 34:54
53rd Brid Casey WATO W40 35:31
54th John Duffield CHIG M65 35:47
55th Ken Patterson AIRE M60 36:10
56th Robert Smith RAFO M45 36:26
57th Dominic Lawrance SLOW M35 36:52
58th Megan Ashton RMOC W21 36:56
59th Nikolay Kolev TVOC M45 37:00
60th Noel Aitchison IND M35 37:21
61st Fiona Tam SLOW W21 37:22
62nd Don na McCourt SERPENTINE W21 37:34
63rd Ross Barr GARINGAL M65 37:35
64th Katie McInnes SLOW W21 38:09
65th Annie Andonova SLOW W21 38:18
66th Peter Foulkes SLOW M50 38:20
67th Graham Sutton MV M65 38:31
68th Emmanuel Erbland IND M40 38:35
69th Helen Chiswell DVO W35 38:39
70th Chris Brammer SLOW M40 38:55
71st Neil Rickards IND M21 39:02
72nd Ben Binden IND M35 39:07
73rd Mike Garvin SLOW M40 39:33
74th Alison Darvill IND W35 39:44
75th Dave Collier DFOK M60 39:57
76th Artur Bocian IND M21 40:00
77th Philip Craven DFOK M60 41:01
78th Christopher Convey IND M40 41:16
79th Tatia Engelmore IND W21 41:31
80th Sara Abed IND W21 41:35
81st Guillaume Devaux FRANCE M21 41:58
82nd Kate McKerrow IND W21 42:20
83rd Julie Murphy SLOW W50 43:19
84th Rob Sibley SAX M60 46:29
85th JillianConvey SERPENTINE W21 49:51
86th Fabio Vasconcelos SWATC M16 50:29
87th Keith Parkes DFOK M65 50:37
88th Christine Glew SLOW W60 52:07
89th Katy Heald SLOW W21 52:14
90th Sean Paterson SWATC M16 53:34
91st Christine Robinson SLOW W55 54:10
92nd Rosie Sibley SAX W21 54:36
93rd Anthony Barrable RAFO M70 57:00
94th Jon Moore MV M65 57:13
95th Judith Armitt SAX W60 59:14
rtd Carlotta Bonsignori ITALY W21  
m8 Nigel Saker SLOW M65 51:18
m12-15 Ursula Oxburgh WAOC W80 61:07



2.2km 40m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st David Saunders HH M55 20:51
2nd Mark Turner SLOW M14 25:28
3rd Michael Lee IND M21 49:21
4th Philippa and Paul IND W11 52:01
5th Liam and Eimear Casey WATO M10 55:53
6th Eimear Casey WATO W3 56:24